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Flora & Fauna Observation




Most of the photos in the flora galery were taken on the hotel grounds.

Calakmul Biosphere Reserve

The reserve is located in the south-east of the state of Campeche, bordering the municipality of Calakmul. The reserve starts 20 Kms (13 miles) south of the hotel.

It is a Mexico's largest tropical nature reserve with an area of 723,185 hectares (1.8 million acres or 2800 sq. miles), protected by decree since the 22nd of May, 1989. Internationally, it represents an ecological link between the humid forests of the Peten Basin of Guatemala and the Lancandona jungle of Chiapas with the northern and Caribbean region of the Yucatan peninsula. Calakmul has ecosystems of great importance, richness and fragility within those that predominate the low jungles, the middle and the high jungles, small meadows, open areas of sunflowers and the forest areas of low. The reserve is home to endangered species of fauna, amongst others - jaguar, ocelot, tigrillo, spider monkey, howler monkey, anteater bear, oco-pheasant, curassow, harpoon eagle and tapir.

One of the attractions of the reserve is the archaeological zone of Calakmul inside the jungle. To get there, just drive south from the hotel approximately 60 Kms to the site. The road is very nice. You need to calculate about an hour to get there.

The biosphere is a birdwatcher and nature lover's dream. Since Calakmul is right in the biosphere and that you will be following paths, you should be encountering different varieties of birds, monkeys, deers and small animals. On your drive to Calakmul there are some paths especially cut for nature walks where there is a larger variety of fauna and flora, mostly because there are rarely any people or structures to keep the animals away.

The best, if you are an early riser, would be to leave the hotel before sunrise, and go on these walks first, when animals are going out to eat and drink. Then continue on your way to the Calakmul archaeological zone. You will already be half way there. The paths are on the way to the site. The first path is about 20 minutes from the hotel.

For a better experience and in depth knowledge of the fauna, flora and Calakmul site, a guide is highly recommended.

Since the restaurant does not open till 7 AM, we can prepare you a box lunch for you to eat while on your walks.

Duration: 2-3 hours for the nature path walks, not including Calakmul.