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You need to remember that in coming here you are coming to the jungle. At the hotel, although we have cleared the area a little, made pathways, fumigate... you are still in the jungle. You are also far from any pueblo (city).

The closest pueblos/towns are

For a better experience, you need to arrive here prepared so you have no surprises.


On the Escarcega-Chetumal road, we are at Km 98.5. There are markers usally at every km. As soon as you turn off towards Calakmul, the entrance to the hotel is but a few meters (yards) from the highway. If you pass the "toll gate", you have passed the entrance to the hotel.

Although we are the closest hotel to the Calakmul archaeological site, the site is still 1 hour away. The next hotel will be about 30 minutes east from the Calakmul turn off, near Xpujil. The road to the site is very good. But because of being narrow in some parts and with hills and curves, you will need to calculate about an hour to get to the site.


This whole area is mostly for enjoying nature and archaeological sites. There are no "cute or touristy" towns nearby, there are no restaurants, bars, markets... This is a place to come and disconnect and just enjoy nature and see the best of what the Mayan world has to offer. For now, very few people come to the area because there has been little pormotion that has been done. Meaning, it is quiet. It is peaceful. You are not just visiting ruins. You are walking into a package of fauna, flora, temples, history and peace. It is a sensation you will not get in any of the "more popular" sites like Palenque, Tulum or Chichen Itza.

Because of all that there is to do and visit in the area, that you will not be coming back any time soon and the peacefulness of the hotel, it is strongly recommended at least a 2-3 night stay. Tours early in the morning, and afternoons to rest. Our guests' biggest complaint is that they wished they knew more about the area before getting here so they could have stayed one or 2 days more. The Calakmul site is big, you will be walking and climbing a lot, plus the heat. You will be tired on your way back.


When visiting this area, it is strongly recommended to rent a car. The roads are very good all around the peninsula and to the sites. They are for most part 2 lane roads, with a shoulder area. They have almost finished widening the whole periphery of the Yucatan peninsula. You will have some very nice 4 lane highways also.

But it is best to drive by day as at night it may be hard to see people walking on the road or cars with no working lights, and more than anything our famous topes - speed bumps. Most often they are not marked and you end up noticing them once you hit your head on the ceiling of the car. Some of them can be quite high. You have to be attentive.

There are very few taxis available near the hotel. It is always best to notify us at least one day ahead if you need one. If travelling by bus, the main bus lines can take you directly from Merida, Campeche, Cancun/Playa/Tulum, Palenque directly to Escarcega or Chetumal, without stopping to pick up and drop off people along the road. There are many buses available for these. There is no regular transport service between the hotel and any of the sites, there are no taxi stands.

Where it is a little harder is the road between Escarcega and Chetumal. By taxi, there is no problem. But it will run you easily around 800-1000 pesos from Escarcega and about 1500 pesos from Chetumal. If by bus or mini-bus, there is usually one available every 3-4 hours during the day and none at night.

In the end you can rent a car for your whole trip for less than it would cost you to hire a taxi to visit the sites around here.

Gas stations

The closest gas stations are in Xpujil (60 kms / 35 miles) and Escarcega (100 kms / 60 miles). In case of an emergency, you can buy 10-20 liters in the pueblo 5 minutes from here. More than enough to get to any gas station.

Banks and ATM machines

We do not accept credit cards, traveler's cheques or any form of payment other than cash at the hotel. We accept Mexican pesos (of course), dollars and euros. Hardly anyone accepts credit cards in this part of Mexico. We cannot, as we do not have any credit card terminal. You need to have cash. Escarcega and Chetumal are the closest ATM machines. There usually is cash in the ATM machine in Xpujil 30 minutes east from here.


Because of the changing weather patterns, it is hard to tell what is going to happen from one year to the next. It can get very sunny, hot and humid in the rainy season. On hot days, you can easily reach 40C (105F) not including the humidity. But this will give you a general idea


As mentioned at the beginning, you are in the jungle. Although we are located at the beginning of the road to the Calakmul biosphere, we still have animals, birds that come and visit. It is not uncommon to see toucans, deer, grey foxes, ocelated turkeys... Sometimes you may be lucky and see howler and spider monkeys. But usually the monkeys do not come close, although you will hear the howlers. Usually there is one or 2 families about 500 meters (1/3 of a mile) from the hotel.

At the same time, you may run into small snakes, spiders or scorpions. They are more scared of you than you of them. Normally they will scurry away as fast as possible. They are not a common occurrence. But if you see any, do not panic. The scorpions can sting, but they are not venomous.


There are very well trained and experienced guides available. They do not work for the hotel. They all speak Spanish. Only a very few speak English. None speaks any other language. It is best to let us know when you arrive if you would like a guide. Let us explain the different tours available so you can choose and we can find the best guide for you. Some are great all around. Others are much better for nature walks/bird watching or for certain ruins. But it is best to do at the hotel.


A few facts on the hotel


Although repeating ourselves in some cases, better to have all together. Some recommendations.

From what you have read to this point, it may look like we are trying to scare you away. On the contrary, this is a wonderful/magical area. We just want you to be prepared before coming here. Most of what has been mentioned above is based on comments from guests. There are no bad seasons when you arrive prepared and know what to expect.